Dispute Resolution

I&O Partners is committed to standing firm for our clients when they need us the most. We provide tailored dispute resolution services for national and international clients, handling all aspects of the dispute process. Our expertise includes arbitration, litigation, negotiation, and mediation.

We take pride in our thorough approach to investigating the facts and strengths of each case, utilizing all necessary means to achieve positive results for our clients. Our focus is on resolving conflicts in the best interest of our clients and preventing them altogether, ensuring our clients are consistently well-prepared and supported.

Dispute Resolution

Our services include the following:

  • Litigation before all Finnish courts
  • Representing parties in national and international arbitration under all major institutional and ad hoc rules
  • Acting as arbitrators and mediators
  • Assisting in settlement negotiations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution
Emil Melén
Emil Melén
Senior Associate

Emil specializes in dispute resolution. His primary focus is on corporate disputes. He assists clients in all industries in international and national arbitration, litigation, and dispute avoidance. Emil has gained experience in complex national and international arbitration and litigation proceedings. He advises clients from the early stages of the dispute until the final settlement, whether it is signing a settlement agreement or collecting awarded funds.

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